Inspiring youth to drive safely and follow their dreams

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Empowering dreams. Changing lives.

Where will the next great ideas come from? Who will lead the way with the insight, inspiration and hard work needed to create a better tomorrow?

Hunter’s Fund believes in the creativity and talent of young people to lead the way. A new generation of teens and young adults are rising up to think critically and apply their skills to improve the world. Their dreams are of things yet to be seen. While we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, we do

know that today’s youth will be propelling the changes to come.

Hunter’s Fund invests in students who have demonstrated talent, experience and passion. The grants you make possible reward innovation and reflect the creative energy that Hunter Watson brought to his life. They honor his legacy, and provide support for young people who also approach life with powerful ideas.


Changing Behavior, Saving Lives
Say No to Distracted Driving!

It has been demonstrated that signing a pledge increases the chance of changing behavior 47% more than any other incentive.