THE Hunter Watson Fund
2018 Grants Program

Individual Grants Up to $5,000 Available

For young people wanting to explore their passionate Interests

Our Vision: To live in a world where our youth follow their hearts.

Our Mission: The Hunter Watson Fund seeks to help promising young people explore areas in which they are deeply interested with scholarships and grants and to promote programs that can protect the safety of young people so they can live out their dreams.

Who may apply: Young people between 16 and 25 years of age who are also a U.S. citizen or legal resident or resident of St. Vincent.

Preferred Funding Areas: Music, Performing Arts. Entrepreneurship and Computer Technology.

Typical Grant Requests: Funding for equipment, supplies, lessons, and other expenses related to the area of interest and passion.

Preferred Candidates: Young people with a passionate interest in something but lack the resources to explore that interest.

Application Requirements: No GPA, community service, athletic or leadership requirements. Need not be a current student. Only a passionate interest.

How to apply: Complete the online application available on this web site.

2018 Application Deadline: November 15, 2018. Winners will be announced January 30th 2019.

How the winners are selected: A Grants Committee selected by our 19 Member Founders Committee will review and evaluate applications and select those with the most promise.

Number of Grants to be Awarded: Will depend on the level of funds available for each round.

Awards: The winners will receive a grant up to $5,000.

Multiple Funding Sources: If your project is approved but will need more funds to complete, we will release funds only when you can show that all funding from other sources has been secured.

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About the Hunter Watson Fund

This Fund encourages a person to explore and experience their passionate interests as they find out who they are meant to be.

The Founders hope that each of you who have a passionate interest in something but lack the financial resources to explore it, will apply for a grant to experience that passion and fulfill your dreams.

Hunter Watson was a student at Syracuse University studying Information Management when he lost his life in a tragic automobile accident just as he was to begin his junior year in college.

Following the memorial service, in his hometown of McLean VA, 17 of his friends from high school and Syracuse wanted to start a Memorial Fund to honor his memory and to help support young people who have passionate interests in areas comparable to those that motivated Hunter, but who may not have the financial means to follow their passions.

Hunter’s parents were touched by this and joined them making a gift to get the Fund started and his friends began fundraising efforts to grow it.

Most funds like this offer scholarships to students needing help to attend college, but this fund is different. Grants made by the Hunter Watson Fund do not have to be tied to any formal education program. Our goal is to encourage a young person to explore and experience their passionate and creative ideas. Areas they could not explore without some financial help.

Help that is not always available from parents already burdened with the expense of educating several children.

Hunter began taking music lessons at 5 and by the age of 11 had recorded dozens of songs and his band played at music festivals and most of the middle schools in his area. His music video, Video Games, has since been viewed more that 6 million times on YouTube. After losing Hunter a Syracuse music production company notified his family that he had just finished a 6-piece composition in their studio.

Music was not Hunter’s only interest, he developed web sites to share his video gaming techniques and founded an entertainment company that provided safe and alcohol free parties for pre-teens at local clubs.

Inventors, writers and creative people will tell you that a passionate idea only comes along so often and if not acted upon, quickly fades and rarely returns.

That is what the Hunter Watson Fund seeks to nurture. Those ideas in young people’s lives which bubble to the surface and need help to grow.

Loving parents and good schools may prepare the child for their life’s next challenge, but our 17 member Founders Committee hopes the grants they offer will provide the sunshine for them to blossom.



Grant Information

Grants Awarded

  • Callum Smeaton - University of Virginia, Recording Equipment
  • Cassandra Couwenberg - Syracuse University, Camera Equipment
  • Derek Snyder - Penn State, Philanthropy
  • Carlon Butte - St Vincent, Computer Science
  • Hamaas Khaalis - Washington, DC, Music Recording
  • Julia Haber – Syracuse University, Entrepreneurship
  • Jason Kuperberg – Syracuse University, Entrepreneurship
  • Serena DeSeta – Syracuse University, Entrepreneurship
  • Matthew Goodman – Syracuse University, Entrepreneurship
  • Scott Pecoriello– Syracuse University, Entrepreneurship
  • Chase Guttman – Syracuse University, Entrepreneurship
  • Tara McLaughlin - Potomac School, Diversity
  • Akshay Ramkumar - Stanford University, Entrepreneurship
  • Taylor Lotte - Syracuse University, Entrepreneurship
  • Jackson Hirsh - New York University, Music
  • Ethan Warden - University of Wisconsin, Music
  • Page Smith - West Side High School, Music
  • Rishi Ramsamooj - St. Vincent, Flight training
  • Dumona Charles - St. Vincent, Entrepreneurship
  • Donella Powers - St. Vincent, Entrepreneurship
  • Lille Sergio - One Stone High School, Entrepreneurship
  • Herbert Padilla - James Madison University, Music
  • Keston Baynes – St. Vincent, Flight Training
  • Ryan Bloomingdale - Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Music
  • Nastasya Popov – Northwestern University, Film
  • Lorenzo Wood – Alameda High School, Music
  • Carter Nelson – Columbia High School, Burning Wood

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Chris Dale
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